What was 2021 about and how do I see the future

If you follow my journey you may notice I almost completely stopped writing on this blog. It happened because of two reasons:

  • I didn’t have much to tell about
  • I forgot and didn’t pay attention to write on my blog on the regular base.

Ok, let me first recap what happened during the year:

  • I started working on the CodingWolves, LMS for coding courses.
  • I launched it and even had some sign-ups
  • I found it’s very hard to push people to finish what they started (courses)
  • I found it’s very hard to control the quality of the content
  • I found the idea of LMS contradicts with my own persuasions (I believe someone can learn to code without any courses at all)
  • I made a pivot to the community-and-project based learning resource
  • I created the community engine (actually I already had one from the previous projects)
  • I created several simple projects for people who are learning HTML and CSS
  • I found a person who likes the idea and he created a C# project (hope, he will create more soon!)
  • I hired a freelancer to create two projects for HTML/CSS (still not published)
  • I wrote a lot of articles for those who learn to code.

This is how the Coding Wolves looks now:

But it’s pretty different from my plans for this year. What I wanted to achieve:

  • to run some project (I choose to create the LMS for coding courses)
  • to have sign-ups
  • to have someone to finish their courses, started selling so I earn money too.

As you can see not much of it happened. Moreover, I was very disappointed with my own developed dislike for courses. I found them the most inappropriate way to learn to code and considered them rather as a dirty way to make money (people who buy them usually do it because of the FOMO syndrome, most of them never start, and most of those who started never finish).

This attitude changed my attitude toward my own business. I realized it’s not honest to do something that I actually don’t believe in. It’s not only dishonest but I just can’t do it. It may sound like an excuse to move to something else and it sounded many times in this way to me too. I know. Maybe it IS the excuse. I’m a chronic patient of the “next shiny object” syndrome. Sometimes I think it’s incurable. So, maybe I should adapt myself to it instead of fighting against it.

One of my tries to adapt was working on small projects that I always finish. So, to check this way, I created the online resume builder called “The Coffee Code Club” but I didn’t go any further just because I lost interest right after I finished developing it.

So strange. But it helped me to return to CodingWolves and keep working on it. But I really don’t know if I’m going to keep with it. It looks very hard for me to stick to something one thing.

I would think this syndrome may be observed in other sides of life. But to my surprise, this is not the case. For example:

  • I’ve been living with my husband already for 25 years. I can’t say they were all happy years, we had the highs and lows but I managed to stick to one person that I love and don’t regret it.
  • I’ve been stuck to the computers and software development for more than 20 years (if to count from the very beginning, it’s already 28 years) and I don’t want to do anything else.

But I can’t focus on one business. Or maybe I just didn’t find “my idea” yet.

So, what do I expect from myself in the next year?

  • keep working on Coding Wolves
  • create at least 50 learning projects for it
  • have N (don’t want to disclose the number) of paid students
  • may be start something else in parallel.